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Website Design

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Design & Development

Your website is personal to you and your company – its design and content are the key factors in reflecting this to new and existing customers.

Design and development go hand-in-hand. Our ideas are the design and the development is crafting those thoughts on to a webpage. Under the My Process section I expand on the methodology and under the My Rates section there is a list of what elements are or can be included in the single price. Hopefully, each section will have sufficient straightforward explanations to a World Wide Web of acronyms and jargon. If not, any queries you may still have then please contact me directly.

Most people who want or need a website have an idea of what they want and how it will look. Websites are mostly for business, and the business will be a specific field, in a certain location, and will no doubt be looking to attract a certain type of customer. So, the design and development will incorporate ideas for colours, type of font, logo, social media links, affiliations, content, pictures, and so on.

Of course your website will be mobile responsive, and the design will take into account how your website will look on a desktop monitor, a tablet, and a mobile phone. On a phone, for example, scrolling down is more user friendly than selecting a menu and going from page-to-page. But then on a mobile phone viewers won’t necessarily want to read through or scroll past a lot of text.

Hence, my tagline of ‘your website is personal to you and your company… etc.’ and a good website will see your character and your ethic, coming through. Enough hopefully, to get that potential customer to chose you.

Please see my FAO section or contact me for further information or advice.

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Branding & Logo

Your business may not be unique but you are.  As such, fashioning a brand will enable your business to stand out from the crowd.

Your brand needs to sum up and reflect you and your business. Your taglines need to be concise and slogans need to hit the mark.

 If you already have a company name, logo, and so on great, we can easily incorporate it into your website design. If not then we can work together with colours, type fonts, and styles, to help make your website stand out from the crowd. I am happy to offer ideas for taglines and slogans if needed but designing and creating a logo does take time, and if required will be an additional cost.

 I will supply you with a PNG file (portable network graphic) and a SVG (scalable vector graphic) file that can have a clear background and are compressed for best website optimisation. You will also be able to use these files for the logo on your business cards and stationary, which I can also design for you as further extras if you wish.

Please see my FAO section or contact me for further information or advice.

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Social Media

All of your social media links and reviews can be incorporated into your website for seamless sharing and promotion.

Connect, share, and promote. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google etc. any and all of you social media pages can be added when designing and building your website. And when your website is live we can add your website address to your social media pages.

Of course any reviews you have from these can be linked to your website, along with any links to any affiliations you may have.

I can also incorporate direct messaging with Facebook’s message app to go alongside your phone number and email address if required.

If you would like me to create social media pages on your behalf then I can do this as an optional extra.

Creating social media or Google pages on your behalf is an optional extra.

Please see my FAO section or contact me for further information or advice.

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Getting your message across in a clear and concise way is key to inspire your website visitor to become your new customer or client.

Content is king! Be it a picture or text your content should be on point, clear and concise. Watchwords, headings, keywords, and slogans notwithstanding, your pictures can paint pages-worth of words.

The greater the volume of content the higher Google (and other search engines) will rank your site. This is why many people chose to keep and update a blog as part of their website.

Your content of pictures and text, the borders, columns, paragraphs, and font styles & sizes etc. will be mobile responsive. Headings will be marked up for search engines and links and back-links will be added (see more about headings & links under my SEO section).

If you want to add significant text content to certain pages but are unable to provide it, I can write it for your approval, at an additional cost. I also offer a proof reading and editorial service, and a photographical service, should it be required.

Please see my FAO section or contact me for further information or advice.

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Website Hosting

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My hosting is UK based and my hardware & software is specifically designed and configured to yield flawless performance.

Once we’ve created your website I would like to host and manage it. I will not mind if your completed website is hosted elsewhere but I do not host websites I haven’t built.

Coupled with the cost of hosting is your website & email maintenance & administration. This includes all software updates and security patches, your domain name and cookie GDPR compliance.

Maintenance and updates are always performed in your test environment and are thoroughly tested before being ‘pushed’ to your live site. Your live site will always be fully backed prior to any changes and any updates are planned and performed to have minimal or no interruption to your site.

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Correspond and communicate your company professionally with email addresses consistent to your company & website domain name.

Three email addresses are included in the hosting package.

These will conform to your domain name and the prefix can be anything you like –, and, for instance.

Maintenance and the administration for your email is taken care of under the hosting package but each address will be subject to a storage quota and a maximum attachment file size. These limits will be similar to those of Google’s Gmail or Microsoft’s Hotmail, and with reasonable housekeeping on your part it is doubtful your storage quota will ever be exceeded. Unlike such free email hosts however, your email address will be a white-label product, meaning it will only contain your domain name and there won’t be any annoying advertising.

To access your email you will need an email application or app on your computer and or phone, such as MS Outlook or Apple Mail, and I will send you the configuration details needed.

While your email will be secure and will have SPAM filtering (see my Security section here) it will not stop all spam or hacking and virus link attachments – as ever, you will need to consider any unsolicited or unusual emails with caution!

Further email addresses can be purchased on request and will include account set up, administration, security, spam filtering, and storage.

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Search Engine Optimisation strategy will be planned and implemented from the design stage, and your website will be optimised for search engines’ rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation is a job in itself these days. Nonetheless, I keep abreast of the big players ever-changing requirements for high search rankings and rest assured, from the design stage, your website will be optimised for search engines rankings.

SEO and search engine compliance are hugely important for your website. It’s basically a points ranking system incorporated by search engine companies such as Google and is used to score websites – the better the score, the higher your website will sit in the results for a search your products or services. And it’s not just about doing things correctly to improve your score, not doing certain things, not doing enough of them, and not doing them well will get points deducted.

Having 256bit SSL Encryption Certificate, being GDPR & Schema Compliant, and being well-built, fast, and fully mobile responsive is the bare minimum requirement for any website. As is an XML sitemap, which is used for search engines to navigate your website. Without these the search engine companies will penalise your site.

Metadata is hidden data that describes your website to other computers. Along with your site title, metadata can include your type of business, your location, Keywords and key-phrases from your content, and so on. Images should not only be in the correct format and size, they should also include metadata descriptions for eAccessability (screen readers for the visually impaired) and alternative text should an image fail to load.

The next biggest thing is content. The greater amount of content the better as search engines will consider more information at being more relevant to their searcher. Your content does need to be in context and of decent quality as the search companies run algorithm programs to check for plagiarism, duplicate content, irrelevant, and poor content. Organising and prioritising helps your score. I will do this by adding metadata tags to your page titles, paragraph headings, and linking content on different pages. Internal links between your pages and external links to other websites, such as Social media pages and your affiliations are also good, and need to be marked up properly. Backlinks are also important. These would be links from your social media accounts and affiliated memberships for instances – search engines see relevant backlinks as an indicator of how authoritative and important your website may be.

One of the best ways to boost your content and rankings is to add and maintain a blog on your website, and you can share your blog updates with your social media platforms.

Remember, your website is competing with every other website in your field and your area, it can be difficult getting your site on page 1 but it is certainly obtainable without having to pay for an advert slot.

Two of the best ways to increase potential customers to your website are creating a Google Maps business account and signing up an affiliation body or directory listing business that specialises in your field. Google Maps business is currently a free service, it’s searches are far more location orientated. Once your registration is verified you will receive a metadata code for your website. Joining a body or directory is basically small cost advertising. They spend thousands on adverting and SEO you pay a small subscription.

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A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is standard with my build and hosting. As is market leading anti-virus programs that constantly monitor, scan, and report my systems’ status.

My servers are housed in a dedicated and monitored data centre in the UK. The in-built firewall and anti-virus software programs are automatically kept up-to-date and offer intelligent and constant real-time protection for your website and email against malware, spyware, redirects, symlinks, and DDoS & CMS brute force attacks.

Back-ups are also automated and maintenance & further software updates regularly performed.

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