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Discuss & outline your ideas, goals & expectations to your new or existing project.

What, why, how, when… whether you have a clear agenda or not this will be very much a question and answer stage to gather and give information and ideas. This is where we determine the size and length of the project, whether you have all of the information and material to hand or require further time or any of my additional services to provide it. This could be deciding on and or buying your domain name for instance (see my guidance on domain names here), photographs etc. or simply further thought and research.

Before we move on to the design stage we will have, at the least, an outline of how your website will look, its style, size, and content. This could come from the style of your business card, your vehicle or shop signage, or other websites you have liked the look of.

Once we are happy to proceed, part payment will required (see payment details here).

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Building the design and embedding content, links/back-links, reviews & SEO.

The development stage is the building process. We will have agreed on the main elements and style of your website and I will set up a two domains (your domains) on my server – a development and testing domain and a live domain.

Obviously, all building and testing will be done in the development domain, as will future maintenance and updates – only upon your approval will your website become a live website for all to search and see.

Building your website is the physical process of creating a page(s), adding graphics, text, images, and links. These links can be to a second or third page etc. like a menu, or links to your social media sites and so on. Text will have headings, which are coded to be searchable, as will be certain searchable keywords and key-phrases (building company/builder/master builder in Saxmundham/Leiston/Aldeburgh etc.) Photos, images, logos, icons, favicons etc. all need to be in the correct format and right sizes for both computers and mobile devices, and they also need to be described and ‘marked-up’ to be searchable and to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimisation score, so your website will appear higher up in someone’s search results.

The development and build of your website incorporate all of the key elements and coding to ensure the blend of speed, security, stability, and user experience (UX). And of course it will adhere to industry standard best practices, rules, and regulations, laid out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Google, Microsoft, and with GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) under the Independent Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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Sketch out a wireframe site map via coggle, assigning styles & prioritising content & image hierarchy.

At the design stage I’ll bring together all of your information and material, catalogue and organise it. This is a process known as Information Architecture (IA) and it is used to map out a wireframe of your website. The focus here is on structure of your website rather than the look. It’s about the context of your content and how it is categorised and connected, on both computers and mobile devices, to best combine the user interface (UI) with the user experience (UX). In simple terms, how best to show off your products or services to prompt your potential customer to make contact.

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Proofread, assess & test. Tweak coding for UI responsive spacing, sizing & speed.

Your pages have been built and your content has been added, marked up, and styled, now it’s time to test the structure, speed, and screen size responsiveness. At this stage your website will look and function like a live website but every heading, paragraph, image, link, and so on, will need to be checked on various devices and in various website browsers. Any tweaks made will have to run through each testing process again, until everything runs and looks as it should.

Once we are both happy to sign off the development website, I will publish it and then run through all of the tests and checks on your live site to ensure all is well and good.

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